Google Chrome stops supporting Windows XP, Windows Vista, 32-bit versions of Linux and OS X up to 10.9

What happened?

Google released stable version number 49 of Chrome browser. The last version for older operating systems (OS).
In April 2016 (around 04.19.2016) the next version of Chrome, number 50, which is now under development, will not support older operating systems. After the release of version 50 there will be no more patches for 49.

Starting with version 48, Chrome shows message at start:
"This computer will soon stop receiving Google Chrome updates because Windows XP and Windows Vista will no longer be supported."

Why is this so important?

According to Netmarketshare data on February 2016 there is still 11.24% Windows XP users worldwide.

What to do?

Either upgrade the operating system or use other browser.

What if don't want to update OS and migrate from Chrome?

Then the chance that your PC will be compromised increases with each passing day.

Which browsers?

There are two options:
  1. Firefox - for regular users, Firefox ESR - for private companies, schools, other institutions.
  2. Yandex Browser.
1. Firefox developers have not yet declared the termination of support for older operating systems, and the current Firefox 45 still supports even Windows XP SP2.
Even if Firefox suddenly stops support of older OS, we have Firefox ESR with extended support period (one year from the date of release) and you'll have a plenty of time for migrating to a new version of the OS.

2. Yandex Browser TechSupport reports that the termination of support for older operating systems (i.e. Windows XP) is not planned.
You can easly migrate to Yandex Browser from Chrome due to the fact that it uses the same HTML engine as Chrome - Blink, natively supports Chrome extensions and can safely transfer all your data from Chrome.

What about other browsers?

  • If you are a regular user and for some reason you still have Windows XP SP3 - use Yandex Browser.
  • If you are the administrator of any office - use Firefox ESR.
  • If enterprise software was build specially for Chrome - use Yandex Browser.